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Leading with landscape

The approach we have taken to designing proposals for the Englishcombe Lane site is nature-friendly, sensitive to location, and considers long-term maintenance and management. We have used the Building with Nature framework to ensure our design is responsive to the local environment, creating a better scheme for future users of the site and local residents.

What is Building with Nature?

The Building with Nature (BwN) standards help to show ‘what good looks like’ at different stages of the development process. They are used by planners and developers at early stages of policymaking and site design. BwN offers a set of quality standards for placemaking, covering themes of Wellbeing, Water and Wildlife, creating better places that incorporate high quality green infrastructure into the design of schemes from the outset.

The standards are as follows:

  • Standard 1 Optimises Multifunctionality and Connectivity
  • Standard 2 Positively responds to the Climate Emergency
  • Standard 3 Maximises Environmental Net Gains
  • Standard 4 Champions a Context Driven Approach
  • Standard 5 Creates Distinctive Places
  • Standard 6 Secures Effective Place-keeping
  • Standard 7 Brings Nature Closer to People
  • Standard 8 Supports Equitable and Inclusive Places
  • Standard 9 Delivers Climate Resilient Water Management
  • Standard 10 Brings Water Closer to People
  • Standard 11 Delivers Wildlife Enhancement
  • Standard 12 Underpins Nature’s Recovery